Tryin’ to be a girl – Romain Humeau video music
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Tryin’ to be a girl – Romain Humeau video music
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Tryin to be girl - Romain HUMEAU - Director Nicolas FLORY

Video Clip meeting between two artists Romain HUMEAU & Nicolas FLORY

Insatiable creator, bulimic of sound and composition, ROMAIN HUMEAU is one of those artists that one could undoubtedly qualify as hyperactive.

But for this engaged free spirit, it is out of the question to indulge in the culture of numbers, to play tasteless music, just like that, to occupy the field.

For the singer-leader of the EIFFEL group, creating is much higher. Create to shake up the codes, create to protest, create to imagine another world, create to share, create to question …

After the release of his last solo album “Echos” last September, Romain HUMEAU is back in early 2021 on the front of the stage with a surprising clip that we co-produced with Seed Bombs Music and directed by Nicolas FLORY, Artistic Director of Foliascope.

Discover Nicolas’s creation, the result of total sharing with Romain … a meeting of two meticulous artists who combine their sound and visual world for a title that is engaged both musically, in the words and in its treatment!

  • Auteur - compositeur - Interpreter
    Romain HUMEAU/
  • Graphic author - Director - Compositing
    Nicolas FLORY/
  • Production Foliascope
    Ilan URROZ/ Nicolas FLORY/ Aubin FEROUSSIER/
  • Production Seed Bombs Music
    Thomas COINTOT/ Thomas DEMAERE/
  • Dancer - interpreter
    Sébastien CORMIER/
  • DOP
    Alexandre LOPEZ/ Fabien DROUET/
  • Animators
    Claire PONS/ Ghislain LEFORT/ Camille DUFAYET/
  • Calibration
    Fabrice FAIVRE/
image character
Ro MAIN / Apollo Rock
image character
Sébastien CORMIER
Dancer Interpreter