No dogs or italians allowed
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No dogs or italians allowed, feature movie by Alain Ughetto

No dogs or italians allowed, new film in stop-motion directed by Alain UGHETTO, Foliascope will realised all the shot with his fantastic stop-motion and animation team

Luigi Ughetto and his brothers let behind them there Ughettera village, the Ughetto land’s in there native country of Piémont, to discover « La Merica », this amazing country where the dollars grow up on trees…
With dreams of America, it’s in Provence in France that Luigi will drop off his bundle.
With his hands which couldn’t able to exploit a land which doesn’t want to give, he will build our roads, bridges and harbours.
Luigi, was my grandfather, a man with a novelistic fate who stood up two wars, the misery and the fascism, before to fall in love to Cesira and start a family who grew up in the shade of The Tour de France and Yvette Horner accordion.
But his story, if it’s singular, it’s also the same as thousand of italian’s, who have left there homeland to settle down in France, in Swiss, in Belgium.
And everywhere else.

Alain UGHETTO, director

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