Our speciality
Traditional animation
ublimate stories, give free expression to authors and directors! This is the production philosophy of FOLIASCOPE.
Using the traditional techniques of animation, stop-motion animation, cartoon sheet by sheet, focusing on paintings or watercolors, FOLIASCOPE gives artists a wide range of achievement.
The contribution of digital technologies & softwares gives greater flexibility, increase production capacity while magnifying the artistic lines of our projects.
Projects that are artistically demanding but also committed, both in their achievements and in the subjects developed. A target audience for young people but also adult in various forms, feature films, short films or TV series.
  • 2011
    Creation of Foliascope

    Pascal LE NOTRE founded in 2011 the production company Foliascope.

  • 2013
    Creation of the Foliascope studio

    Continuing its development of new productions, Foliascope opened a new studio in Beaumont-lès-Valence with a stop motion film set and larger 2-D production capacity.

  • 2015
    Development of the feature film "The Army of Rabbits"

    Foliascope used the capacities of its new studio and seven large film sets for the trailer of The Army of Rabbits, a feature film presented in Cartoon Movie.

  • 2016
    TV commercial "Les pièces jaunes du petit Nicolas"

    Foliascope directs the “Les pièces jaunes du petit Nicolas” TV commercial for the “pièces jaunes” foundation

  • 2017
    "The Tower"

    Les Contes Modernes and the director Mats Grorud entrusted the whole of the stop motion, computer 2-D layout and compositing to Foliascope.

  • 2018
    Projects being developed

    Foliascope is continuing to develop the “Le petit Nicolas, Parfum d’enfance” feature film, which is a tribute to René Goscinny and Jean Jacques Sempé. (An On animation studios / Bidibul productions coproduction).

  • 2018
    Transfer of the company

    Investments, new projects, a new identity.

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